Utah Illuminati and Farmers Insurance

Friday, June 26, 2009

Provo,Utah's Illuminati Master

This is a story about Utah's most likely Illuminati Master and his associates. All roads seem to lead to Joe Cannon (also known as Joseph Cannon), when it comes to shady and even criminal activities within the State of Utah and Utah County. Joe (Joseph)Cannon held the following positions over the past years through the present:

1. Editor of the Deseret News: Former Deseret News Editor, Jon Hughes was forced to resign after I exposed him as a Christian Scientist- Council of Foreign Relations member leading the Latter-Day Saint Newspaper (Deseret News) in Utah. (See Link.)

2. Utah State Republican Chairman: Joe Cannon (Joseph Cannon) was forced to resign after I exposed contributions to the Utah Republican Party from Jack Abramoff, David Safavian, casino gambling interests, tobacco, alcohol and Farmers Insurance Group. (See Link) Farmers Insurance Group was the company I worked with before I filed an anti-Mormon discrimination complaint. Joe Cannon (Joseph Cannon) and his brother, Chris Cannon (Christopher Cannon) did their best to personally destroy me. On behalf of Farmers Insurance Group Joseph Cannon used his position at the Deseret News to "black out" the Utah Farmers Insurance Group story in all of the Utah media outlets.

3. Lobbyist: Joe Cannon (Joseph Cannon) was also a lobbyist (Along with convicted felon Jack Abramoff) for a toxic waste company called Envirocare. Joe Cannon was Forced to resign from his lobbying activities after I published a document where Joseph Cannon swore full allegiance to the Gay and Lesbian movement and homosexual marriage. An awkward position for the editor of the LDS Deseret News. So while the LDS Church was fighting homosexual marriage, Joe was secretly engaged in advancing it!

Geneva Steel: Owned and Operated by Joe Cannon and His Brother Chris Cannon. Joe bankrupted the Geneva Steel Pension Plan after he transferred $85 million in water shares out of Geneva Steel. He fraudulantly left the Geneva Steel Pension Plan only 10% funded and turned it over the Federal Pension Guarantee Corp to pay off Geneva Steel Pensions. Joseph had the ability to fully fund the Geneva Steel Pension Plan and keep the Geneva Steel plant in operation. The Deseret News Editor chose instead to screw Utah and Utah County out of a huge employer.

Many individuals that worked for Geneva Steel lost everything as a result. Some Geneva Steel Employees committed suicide or started a career in crime. Fraud was involved in that Joe never disclosed these water shares to Geneva Steel creditors, or to the Union that represented the workers at Geneva Steel. For 5 years they remained hidden, until I revealed them to both the Union and Creditors, much to the consternation of Deseret News Editor, Joseph Cannon

2002 Olympics scandal: Otherwise known as the "big whitewash". Joe Cannon was on the commission that was charged with bribing International Olympic Commitee members with high priced gifts and cash; as well as young and attractive female "escorts". The whole affair was whitewashed by Mitt Romney who supposedly "saved the Olympics".The 2002 Olympic scandal will forever tarnish Utah. Just another gift from Joe to Utah.

Neocon: Many believe that the Neocons are the extension of the Illuminati and work for them directly. Joseph Cannon and Christopher Cannon are and were very active in their organization, and the Deseret News has been very active in supporting their globalist agenda. The Deseret News, thanks to Joe, is now an Illuminati propaganda machine.

These are just a few reasons why all Illuminati roads travel through Joe Cannon (Joseph Cannon) and Farmers Insurance Group Utah

Now we will explain the facts in my complaint against Farmers Insurance Group Utah and at the same time, expose Deseret News Editor, Joe (Joseph) as the greatest hippocrate in the State of Utah.


Christopher Cannon was a Utah Congressman that served from 1996 until I used my direct dialing machines to contact his constituents (10's of thousands) last year. Then he lost in a landslide to a virtual unknown in his Party's primary. One of only two to do so in that election cycle.

1.In 2002, After I contacted Christopher Cannon's (Chris Cannon) office about my discrimination complaint against Farmers Insurance Group Utah, he or his Chief of Staff, David Safavian, contacted Farmers Insurance Group and used extortion to fill up their campaign coffers at my expense. David Safavian then worked with Farmers Insurance Group and his buddy Jack Abramoff to help get them an Indian gambling Casino.

The results were that Chris Cannon's 1.7 million dollar campaign loan was paid off. And his campaign coffers went from an average of $300,000 in annual contributions, to well over a million. Almost all of it coming from Farmers Insurance Group or other Insurance PACS.

Chris Cannon also benefitted from David Safavian and Jack Abramoff's lobbying connections when he agreed to place a poison pill in the law that would have Banned/restricted Online Casino gambling. Can you say "organized crime"? (Link)

Convicted Felon, Jack Abramoff was one of Joe Cannon's lobbying buddies. Jack Abramoff was known for:

1. The Fraudulant takeover of Sun Cruise gambling ships from Gus Boulos. Boulos was defrauded in the sale of his empire to Jack Abramoff and ended up dead from a mob hit. Jack Abramoff tried to buy the casinos with Fraudulant Securities. After Gus Boulos complained and threatened Jack Abramoff he was shot to death by mafia hit men. Jack Abramoff somehow eluded justice.

2. Using the "Christian Coalition" and Ralph Reed to argue against Casino gambling in states that were a threat to his Jack Abramoff gambling clients. Also, Jack Abramoff committed fraud by promising Indian tribes he would get them a Casino; if they donated to Tom Delay's political campaign. Chris Cannon took donations from these Indian Tribes and Jack Abramoff himself. So did Joe Cannon. Both supposedly devout Mormons that supposedly opposed Jack Abramoff casinos.

3. The Mariana Islands Forced Labor camp is a U.S. controlled territory. They were also known for kidnapping young oriental women and then enslaving them in their clothing manufacturing facilities or in their prostitution ring. Jack Abramoff was their lobbyist.

David Safavian was Chief of Staff for Congressman Chris Cannon before he went to work for the Bush administration. Before that, he was a lobbyist that worked closely with Jack Abramoff. Jack Abramoff and David Safavian were joined at the hips. David Safavian was also a lobbyist for Indian Casinos and other Abramoff ventures.

1. Chris Cannon was a professed Mormon. He was chosen by Jack Abramoff and David Safavian to be the perfect wolf in sheep's clothing to destroy a bill that would have banned online casino gambling in the United States.

2. Chris was in big financial trouble with a debt of 1.7 million and only 1 million left in assets. He was heading towards bankruptcy. As a result, he chose to sacrifice Mormonism for a very big payday from the friends of Jack Abramoff and David Safavian as well as from Farmers Insurance Group Utah.

3. After I went to Chris Cannon via his Chief of Staff, David Safavian, Safavian used my anti-discrimination and RICO compaint against Farmers Insurance Group Utah to blackmail them in Mormon Utah with a loss of all Mormon business. With the control of the Deseret News and other Utah media, this was a very real threat to Farmers Insurance Group Utah.

4. Within days the money started pouring in from Farmers Insurance Group Utah. Chris Cannon's 1.7 million dollar debt was mysteriously paid in full (I believe by Farmers Insurance Group Utah) and his campaign contributions tripled! Most of it coming from Farmers Insurance Group and Insurance PACS.

5. Farmers Insurance Group itself was in financial trouble due to investing money set aside for paying claims into dot.coms and other very speculative investments. Farmers Insurance Group decided to let Jack Abramoff, Chris Cannon and David Safavian help them find and purchase their own Indian Gambling Casino. Jack Abramoff and friends recieved almost all of Farmers Insurance Group PAC contributions.

I filed criminal charges against the Farmers Insurance Group and received a visit from Secret Service agents who threatened me if I did not "shut up" and go away". I pursued criminal charges against Farmers Insurance Group Utah due to the incredible harrassment I was getting in from Joe, Chris and friends.

The day before I was set to file against Farmers Insurance Group Utah, I was hit in a "set-up" by a car that broadsided me at a red light in Provo, Utah. The car was going an estimated 56 miles per hour when it hit me. I did a 360 into a telephone pole and ended up with numerous injuries including a head injury that left me with severe depression and almost no short-term memory. My office was also located in Provo, Utah.

Wally Hilliard, who financed the flight school that trained the 9/11 hijackers to fly has publicly been reported for financial ownership of airlines and planes busted for narcotics trafficking. Wally Hilliard has never been prosecuted.

1. He has been linked to Joseph Cannon via the Republican Party and The Utah Illuminati family of Nate Oldham and his Father. Also, Wally Hilliard seems like the logical choice for supplying Nate Oldham with narcotics through Spanish Fork Airport, (located near Provo, Utah)

2. Joe Cannon possibly influenced the decision to baptize Wally Hilliard into the Mormon Church and make him a Mormon Bishop, the Highest ranking official at the local Ward level. This gave Wally Hilliard a new "sheepskin" to operate from.

3. It seems that 911, Mohamed Attah and the other 911 hijackers were in bed together. This would indicate that 911 was in fact and illuminati operation designed to destabalize our Constition and Bill of Rights through fear mongering and so called terrorist attacks. 911 has stripped us of most of our Rights as Citizens and is being used to lead us to martial law.

4. 911 has also been used to target those that Love the Constitution and Bill of Rights (all Mormons that believe the doctrines of the Church). 911 has made it possible to now prosecute these people as "terrorists" as they undermine the illuminati police state. Thus 911 has become a greater threat to our country than any major war.

5. Over 3,000 killed in 911 is eclipsed by the hundreds of thousands who died while fighting our nation's wars and protecting our Constitution and Bill of Rights.

Nate Oldham: linked to Narcotics operation in Utah County that is being run out of AirGyro Aviation and Spanish Fork airport in Utah County, Utah. Nate Oldham is also an accused murderer of Kiplyn Davis. Nate Oldham is reportedly an Illuminati family member whose father has close ties with Joe Cannon.
Faced with a tremendous loss of business in Mormon Utah, Idaho, Nevada, Arizona, California and other states, they teamed up with Joe Cannon and Christopher Cannon to eliminate the claim of discrimination, retaliation, RICO violations, Fraud, etc. by eliminating Paul A Drockton.

Farmers Insurance Group is owned by Zurich Insurance and British American Tobacco. The Utah office, headed by Brian Braddock, was the source of my anti-Mormon discrimination complaint. Brian Braddock was harassing and firing Mormons that worked with Farmers Insurance Group in Utah.

Farmers Insurance Group has also pursued a policy of "elimination/liquidation of me" after I filed criminal charges against them, Brian Braddock and Utah Farmers Insurance. I hold them responsible for trying to kill me in a "set-up" car accident and at other times; for destroying me financialy; for colluding with criminals to destroy my businesses and investments. For IRS and political harrassment and for other crimes that should be prosecuted under RICO.

I believe that Farmers Insurance Group is run by illuminati murderers and thieves. Their owners, British American Tobacco have no problem trading innocent lives for cash. Joe and Chris should be proud of their partners.

Joseph Cannon was a member of the Salt Lake Olympic Committee charged with bribery, and the using of Utah female escorts etc to bring the Olympics to Salt Lake City.

The Salt Lake Olympic Scandal involved bribing International Olympic Committee members with large cash bribes; scholarships and providing female companionship for their stay in Utah. It stands out as one of the biggest scandals in Utah history.

The Salt Lake Olympic Committee members misdeed were whitewashed and The Salt Lake Olympic Committee used a few patsies to take the fall for their sins. Joseph and Chris just seem to find all kinds of bad things to dip their hands into. Nothing was saved by the Salt Lake Committee, but many things were lost and tarnished.

We, as Mormons, hold ourselves as a light to the world and we don't need groups like Joe, Chris, Wally Hilliard, Jack Abramoff, David Safavian or Utah Farmers Insurance Group to tarnish our image. I have two missionaries in the field right now. No thanks to these men or their ill-gotten gains.

Joseph Cannon is now the Publisher of the Deseret News. The LDS Church newspaper that publishes statewide in Utah. His editorials reflect his neo-con activities and he is directly responsible for "spiking" my discrimination complaint etc. in the media.

The Deseret News was previously edited by Jon Hughes (CFR member), a Christian Scientist, before I outed his religious background and his neo-con, illuminati credentials.

The Deseret News is a clear mouthpeace for the Illuminati in Utah and the National Illuminati; as well as the globalists, CFR, neocons, etc. Thus, it is fair to say that the Deseret News is an Illuminati rag and inconsistent with the values of the Mormon Church

I recommend notifying the Deseret News of this inconsistency/corruption as well as the Leadership of the LDS Church. I also recommend boycotting the Deseret News until Joseph Cannon resigns as Editor and Board Member. At that point, I would be vocal about any support it shows the illuminati

Geneva Steel: the Cannons bought Geneva Steel and then led it into bankruptcy; fraudulantly failing to disclose $85 million in watershares they had separated from the company.

2. I forced the return of the Geneva Steel water shares, thus costing the Cannons 85 million in ill-gotten gains, through a huge publicity campaign. Sadly I could not save those former employees that had committed suicide or turned to a life of crime.

Conclusion: All Illuminati roads lead to Joseph Cannon in Utah. Hopefully, with this exposure, he will be forced to resign as Editor of the Deseret News by the LDS Church. He needs to lose any influence he has within the church as his actions bring nothing but ill-will.

I am still committed to the LDS Church and will never deny the faith or its teachings. I believe, like all organizations, it is infiltrated by the secret combination we call the Illuminati; who have operated as wolves in sheeps clothing.

I don't believe that more than 1% of the membership is Illuminati psychopaths. Just like every other organization in the world. The Book of Mormon calls upon all members to expose these evil secret combinations and have them cast out of the Church. Thus, I feel that I am only obeying that directive, which has been handed down through our modern prophets.